Sunan Bayat (another name: Prince Mangkubumi, Susuhunan Tembayat, Sunan Pandanaran (II), Ki Ageng Pandanaran, or Revelation Widayat) is a prominent propagator of Islam in Java, which was mentioned in a chronicle as well as oral stories. These figures related to the history of Semarang and the early spread of Islam in Java, although traditionally not included as Wali Sanga. His shrine is located in the hills (“Mountain Jabalkat”) in the subdistrict of Bayat, Klaten, Central Java, and still busy diziarahi people until now. From there he also reportedly spread the teachings of Islam to the public area of ​​Mataram. This figure is considered to live in the Sultanate of Demak (16th century).

There are at least four versions of its origin, but all agree that he is the son of Ki Ageng Pandan Arang, the first regent of Semarang. After the death of Ki Ageng Pandan Arang, his son, Prince Mangkubumi, succeeded him as regent of Semarang second. Once, he was running the government well and always obedient to the teachings – teachings of Islam as well as his late father. But there was a change over time. He who was once so good it became increasingly faded. Administration tasks are often neglected, as well as on care boarding schools and places of worship.

Sultan of Demak Officer, who knows this, and sent Sunan Kalijaga from Kadilangu, Demak, to resuscitate. Originally Ki Ageng Pandanaran is the one who always idolize earthly possessions. Thanks to the guidance and teachings of Sunan Kalijaga, Ki Ageng Pandanaran be made aware of the bad nature which ultimately Ki Ageng Pandanaran Sunan Kalijaga studied to disguise themselves as sellers of grass. Finally, the regents realized negligence, and decided to resign from his position as worldly and hand over power to his younger brother Semarang.

Sunan Kalijaga suggest Ki Ageng Pandanaran to move to the south, without bringing the property, accompanied by his wife, through the area now called Salatiga, Boyolali, and Wedi. However, secretly without his knowledge, the wife brought a bamboo stick in it filled with jewels. On their way was blocked by a herd of robbers led by that name is now called Sheikh Lamb.

Then there was a fight and luckily this couple finally managed to overcome the wrath of Allah then he turned into a creature with human stature but headed sheep. Once this happens, he finally realized and regretted by all his actions, and then declared themselves as followers of Sunan Pandanaran which was taken by Sunan Pandanaran to the Sunan Kalijaga teacher who eventually head he turned back into a human head as before. After that Sheikh Lamb was given the task to fill the place of ablution in the mosque padasan or barrel that is on top of the hill Jabalkat, Bayat.

Ki Ageng Pandanaran Finally made it to and settled in Tembayat, which is now called Bayat, and the broadcast of Islam from there to the ascetic and preacher in the vicinity. Because of its miracle he was able to convince them to embrace Islam. He therefore called Tembayat or Sunan Sunan Bayat.

During the Bayat, despite being known as a respected religious figure, Ki Ageng Pandanaran continue to explore the religious teachings of Islam under the guidance of Sunan Kalijaga.